Smoothies that helps to Reduce Inflammation of your Belly!

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Taking these delicious smoothies you can supplement your diet to reduce belly swelling and reduce fluid retention. They are easy to prepare and are full of nutrients. Do you want to reduce your belly? The smoothies have become one of the favorites to abate and combat fluid retention supplements. They are delicious and concentrate an important dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds. They can be consumed as part of breakfast or in any of the snacks. Therefore, in turn, they are a good alternative to quell hunger without resorting to processed products. Next we want to share three options: one green, one yellow and one orange.

Healthy Smoothies to Reduce your Belly

Generally smoothies are prepared with fresh fruits, frozen or in concentrate, and mixed with dairy products or ice cream. Since the purpose is to help you reduce your belly, we want to offer some light alternatives, easily digested.

  • Instead of milk or yogurt we will use a vegetable drink or cream based on rice, oats, and coconut or spelled, which can be found in any diet or supermarket of organic products.
  • Instead of sweetening with sugar we will use agave syrup, honey or stevia extract.
  • The fruits we use should preferably be fresh and 100% organic.

What do they Contribute?

Smoothies are drinks that allow us to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Because of this, they are a great option to achieve a better absorption of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important nutrients for the diet. Why are they good for lowering your belly? Well, although there are recipes loaded with many calories, there are some combinations that offer interesting properties for a low caloric content. Also, its content of fiber and diuretic compounds support the processes that help to lose weight and reduce inflammation. On the other hand, you can add ingredients such as nuts to get an “extra” of fatty acids and protein. All these nutrients help to take care of body weight and optimize the formation and maintenance of muscle mass.

1. Green Smoothie

The green leafy vegetables are very rich in magnesium and fiber, they help us to purify the organism and act as regulators of the nervous system

“It is a way to “drink” a good morning salad but enjoying the sweet taste of smoothie”.

In addition, the avocado provides the creamy texture and fatty acids essential for health. If we take this smoothie in the mornings we will improve intestinal transit in a natural way, without the need to take laxatives.


  • 1 avocado (including, if we want, the zest of the seed)
  • fresh spinach leaves
  • A very ripe banana
  • Vegetable drink or apple juice (200 ml)


  • Beat the ingredients well and serve them in a wide glass, which we decorate with a slice of apple or banana.

2. Yellow Smoothie

The yellow smoothie is an ideal remedy to improve our digestion, prevent fluid retention and activate metabolism. It has a refreshing, tropical and slightly spicy flavor, ideal for hot seasons. We will need to add a vegetable cream to give it the creaminess of the drink.


  • 1/2 well ripe pineapple
  • Ginger or ginger juice powder (3 ml)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut powder (30 g)
  • Oatmeal, rice or coconut vegetable cream (15 g)
  • Water (100 ml)
  • Stevia


  • Process all the ingredients until you get a creamy drink.

3. Orange Smoothie

Orange smoothie I particularly recommend to anyone suffering from intestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, colitis, parasites, etc. Its flavor, in addition, remains delicious in addition to its healthy benefits.


  • slices of papaya (including some of its seeds, with antiparasitic properties)
  • 1 handle long, this water will also be added to the smoothie)
  • Vegetable drink (200 ml)
  • Ecological orange skin (we will use only a small piece)
  • Purified honey or stevia (to taste)


  • We will beat the ingredients until we see that the seeds of papaya and flax are well ground. We can decorate with a bit of orange peel, whole or chopped.

Remember that if you want to reduce your belly, you should support the consumption of these smoothies with a healthy diet and physical exercise. Also, you should avoid those foods that cause inflammation.

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