How to Lose Weight by Consuming Less Flour in Diet?

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A balanced diet is based on consuming proportionately the necessary amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Today many foods that contain flour, such as bread, pastries or pasta, are consumed as they facilitate the preparation of fast food. A balanced diet is based on consuming proportionately the necessary amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Within carbohydrates we find fruits and vegetables and starches and cereals. Flour is the fine powder that can be obtained from ground cereal, as well as other foods rich in starch. The problem is that cereals are currently being abused, specifically their flours. And on the contrary, foods such as fruit or vegetables are left out. MetSlim Pro
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Why Flour Promotes Weight Gain

Actually, the body needs to eat cereals, as they provide energy for a long period of time, especially if they are whole. The problem appears when they are taken in excess or at night, since that energy is no longer going to be spent and therefore will accumulate in the form of fat deposits. In addition, the hormonal response is different depending on whether you eat a whole food or a processed one. This impacts how much of each food is eaten. The human body does not benefit when taking fast-absorbing foods because it ingests more calories than it needs. The flour, in general, is a processed food. It has been transformed from a whole grain to refined flour.

“It should be mentioned that refined foods usually do not have components such as fiber, which generate satiety”.

And they also include others that increase palatability, such as sugars or fats, which cause the person to eat more, although this is not necessary.

Gluten Intolerance

Most of the flours come from cereals with gluten, such as wheat, oats, and rye or spelled. Nowadays, in addition, there are many people who suffer a certain degree of gluten intolerance, which is not the same as gluten allergy or celiac disease. A celiac person immediately suffers the allergic reaction. On the other hand, whoever has intolerance does not suffer the symptoms at the moment, but with the passage of time can develop health problems derived from this ingredient. In this case, the food is not digested or assimilated correctly, which can cause, among other problems, weight imbalances. People, who are intolerant, by eliminating gluten from their diets, can notice great improvement quickly and effectively.

Other symptoms of gluten intolerance may include:

  • Constipation or recurrent diarrhea, as well as bad digestion.
  • Dermatological problems, such as hyperkeratosis pilaris.
  • Menstrual disorders or sterility.
  • Obesity or lack of weight.

In case of suffering from these symptoms, it is very advisable to consult a doctor. This can make an adequate diagnosis through certain tests and provide a solution to the problem.

Ideas to Reduce Flours

There are kitchen utensils that allow you to make spaghetti using vegetables, such as zucchini. In this way, the vegetable is given the shape of the spaghetti. With this utensil we can convert what would be a vegetable dish into a pasta dish, seasoning it with tomato sauce, cheese and oregano. In the field of confectionery there are also alternative options to flour. The legume flour, or the cooked and crushed vegetables, can be very useful when making biscuits or different desserts. Bread is considered one of the most expensive foods to replace, since it represents the basis of food in many cultures. However, it is not impossible. The first step is to reduce the quantity, and little by little to introduce other similar products with less flour. Two examples are rice or corn pancakes.

There is also the possibility of learning to make tostaditas based on chia, flax or sunflower seeds. The first step is to crush the seeds and then mix them with a little water and finally make a paste. This will have to be spread on a baking tray and heated to a very low temperature. It is good to keep it until it acquires a crunchy texture, heated to about 50 degrees for 30 minutes.

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