Does the Delicious Pasta Really Makes you Fat?

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As long as we accompany it with healthy ingredients and not with high-calorie sauces and we consume it at noon, pasta does not have to make us gain weight. Among all the foods that surround us, pasta is one of the most popular in the world. The origin of the pasta is not entirely clear. Some place it in the Ancient East and introduced into the western world by Marco Polo in the thirteenth century; other historians say that, in Cicero’s Rome, it was already an important part of the popular diet.

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What is certain is that the pasta has very bad publicity: a lot of flour, which is equal to many carbohydrates and calories, without higher nutritional values. The consequence, a priori, is extra kilos.

In Search of Balance with Pasta

Any healthy diet seeks to establish a balance. It is clear that there are people who fall into extremes and believe that pasta should not be consumed (and a very long list of foods), because they believe that the harm is more than the advantages.

“It is important to keep in mind that the human body needs carbohydrates and calories to function well, and you have to eat everything”.

The advocates of pasta (which has many, not only in Italy) point out that a dish of this food contains around 300 caloric points, which represents approximately 15% of what an active body needs per day. The reality is that most pasta is made from durum wheat semolina (the richest of all cereals). Therefore, the contribution in vitamins and minerals is very interesting. Many of the pastas also contain egg, milk, vegetables, protein supplements (known as fortified pastes) and vitamin and mineral supplements (enriched pastas). It is recommended to consume the pasta at noon, since at that time the carbohydrates do not generate so much resistance to be processed.

Therefore, the Pasta Does not Get Fat

The most important question to keep in mind is that she is not responsible for the extra kilos. However, cheese, mayonnaise, most sauces (especially industrially packaged), and many of the condiments and companions with which it is served do fatten. Desserts and drinks should also be included in the list of generators of more kilos. A simple glass of soda provides the same calories as a plate of spaghetti, without adding anything positive to the body. For this reason, pasta is not the most fattening, but the accompaniments that we add to make the most tasty and succulent snack. For many people it is essential to add cheese in quantity and butter. It is not a matter of definitely banishing these complements, but of ingesting them with extreme moderation.

Healthy Options for Cooking

There are other options to take the pasta, which do not go through the well-known sauces barbecue, Neapolitan, carbonara, etc. They are recipes that have come to us from Italy, but there, too, they cook in many other ways. The pasta, especially in summer, can be taken as a salad. A good seasoning of garlic, lemon and some spices will be enough to make our dish very appetizing. To this we must add the ease that has to be combined with any other ingredient. It is the case of fruits, vegetables, etc. For the summer time it is a good option to combine in our dishes refreshing fruits and a healthy seasoning.

The Spices

How can salt be substituted and those sauces that add flavor to our pasta dishes? With spices.

  • To cook the pasta, the oregano, the mint and many other spices and aromatic herbs, are perfectly integrated with the overall flavor of the dish.

In Summary, Eating Pasta Fattening Yes or No?

Moderation and balance are the key elements to answer this question. As always happens in our diets, it is essential to avoid excesses.  Especially when it comes to sauces and cheeses. But remember: pasta alone does not make you fat.


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