7 Healthy Foods that will Help you to Lose Weight!

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There are foods whose properties help us lose weight while they satiate us and provide us with multiple nutrients beneficial to our health. Food is one of the most important pillars to lose weight. Although it is true that it must be complemented with other habits such as exercise, it is decisive in this process. Do you want to get rid of those extra kilos? Are you fighting those fat rolls? Today we share 7 interesting options that help you complement your dietary plan.

Foods to Lose Weight

A diet controlled in fats and calories facilitates the activity of the metabolism. In turn, the tendency to accumulate toxins and other waste that influence overweight decreases. For this reason, it has always been recommended the abundant consumption of certain foods whose nutritional properties help to lose weight in a healthy way. Discover them!

1. Eggs

Until a few years ago the eggs were classified as a “not advisable” food for the diet. However, this has remained in the past and today they are almost essential in any healthy eating plan.

  • Its significant contribution of proteins of high biological value improves physical and mental performance, and contributes to the formation of muscle mass.
  • It is a very satisfying food, so that its consumption avoids that anxiety that leads to overeating.

2. Spinach

Low in calories and rich in essential nutrients, spinach is positioned as one of the best foods to lose weight without exposing the body to strict and dangerous diets.

  • First, it contains easily assimilated proteins, which protect and strengthen lean body mass.
  • Its antioxidants help fight against oxidative stress and the accumulation of toxins.
  • Finally, thanks to their dietary fiber, they improve digestion and prolong satiety.

3. Salmon

Did you know that it is not correct to eliminate all sources of fat from the diet? The salmon, one of the many varieties of oily fish, contains large doses of omega 3 essential fatty acids in the diet.

  • For starters, this type of healthy fat helps to improve the metabolism rate, keeping the body “recharged” of energy.
  • Its consumption, two or three times a week, protects cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases.
  • Among other things, this type of fish contains high quality proteins, which benefits the formation of muscle mass.

4. Legumes

It is no secret to anyone that all varieties of legumes contain essential nutrients that benefit health. In addition, they help us lose weight.

  • First, their significant contribution of protein and dietary fiber gives them the quality of fighting overweight and caring for muscle mass.
  • It is a digestive food, highly satiating, that optimizes the process of elimination of wastes retained in the organism.
  • It increases the feeling of energy and, thanks to this, allows improving sports performance.

5. Avocado

It’s not just a fad! Although it is true that they have gained more fame in recent years, avocado or avocado is a healthy food that can really support diets to lose weight.

  • First of all, its light protein contributions protect the muscles and help maintain the feeling of vitality.
  • Its carbohydrates support the functioning of the metabolism, optimizing the process that transforms fats into energy sources.
  • Thanks to its contribution of vitamin E and fatty acids, it is ideal for promoting cell regeneration and caring for cardiovascular health.
  • Finally, it helps to improve the digestion process and stops that uncontrollable desire to eat.

6. Nuts

Nuts are the perfect snack to supplement the diet when the goal is to lose weight.

“Although they contain many calories, their consumption in small portions is quite healthy”.

  • First, they are an important source of fiber and healthy fats that, in addition to improving digestion, control high cholesterol levels.
  • They provide light doses of proteins of high biological value, recommended to lose weight and strengthen lean mass.
  • Finally, its vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances protect cells against the damaging effect of oxidative stress.


Finally, one of the foods that should not be missing from the diet is oats. This nutritional supplement has interesting properties that benefit heart and brain health. In addition, it contributes to the processes that help to lose weight.

  • For starters, its significant contribution of fiber improves intestinal transit and helps to remove the waste that usually remains accumulated in the colon.
  • This nutrient increases the feeling of fullness and stops the desire to eat more calories than they should.
  • It has depurative properties that help keep the body clean to avoid interferences in the activity of the metabolism.
  • It helps to make lean muscle and increases energy and vitality.

How often do you consume these foods? If your plan is to lose weight, do not hesitate to eat them regularly to enjoy their properties.

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