6 Simple Tips that Helps to Lose Weight After Christmas!

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To lose weight we must set realistic goals and not rely on miracle diets, as they tend to have a rebound effect. The ideal is to make a change in our way of perceiving food. Enjoy Christmas, usually bring as a result gain a few extra kilos for having exceeded with food and drink. However, losing weight can be a simple challenge if we follow these tips. Discover in this article 7 tips that will help you lose weight without sacrifices and without going hungry.

Lose Weight with Common Sense

Miracle diets do not make sense if what we want is to lose weight in a healthy way and avoid the rebound effect. The important thing is to change some of our habits and eliminate, temporarily, some foods from our diet. Maintaining a good attitude and being constant is essential to achieve it. You must choose a long-term balanced diet.

7 Tips to Lose Weight

1. Take it Easy

Do not obsess about losing weight in a week, because the important thing is to adopt good habits. Weight loss will come naturally.

“Losing weight suddenly causes our body to not get enough nutrients”.

If we do not provide everything you need, we may feel fatigue or irritability. You must think in a period of between 1 and 3 months to observe satisfactory results. The great advantage is that you will also feel a greater energy and vitality, as well as a very positive mood.

2. Set a Goal

Set a goal and avoid looking at the scale every day. There are many factors that influence our weight and that can make us raise it, such as fluid retention or an increase in muscle mass. For this reason we should not be obsessed with the scale. It is important that we set ourselves a long-term goal, with which we believe we will feel good.

3. Make Yourself Three Lists of Foods

Before you start, take some time to prepare three food lists:

  • Green list: Healthy foods that we can eat daily. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, dairy products, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, white meat.
  • Yellow list: Foods that we can eat a few times a week. Red meat, wholemeal flours.
  • Red list: Foods that we should not eat. Fritters, pastries, sweets, ice cream, soft drinks, refined flours, precooked food, sauces, cream.

These lists must be personalized with the foods that we usually eat, to facilitate the choice of each menu. We can put it in the fridge. One way to not eat any food on the red list is to not buy it. That way we will not even have the possibility.

4. Chew Each Bite

As simple as that. Chewing well every bite allows us to enjoy more of the food, facilitates the digestion and assimilation of each food and increases the feeling of fullness. This is the easiest advice to put into practice, although it is one of the most difficult things to do.

5. Drink Water out of Meals

Drinking water throughout the day, will keep us hydrated for the body to function properly. In addition, it improves digestion, helps eliminate toxins and fluids from the body, and helps us feel full.

6. Choose Physical Exercise Well

No need to train more, but train better. Instead of spending hours at the gym, choose exercise at intervals. They alternate short periods of time of medium intensity with short breaks, and they are repeated several times. This allows us to tone up and help us lose weight with two or three sessions of half an hour per week.

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