12 Benefits of Indian Head Massage for the Digestive System!

The Indian head massage is actually a type of massage that focuses on the nervous system around the head. It is believed that the entire nerve around the head will connect with the other part of the body. Therefore, any disease will be successfully recovered by a light head massage, especially if traditional Indian head massage steps are used. For many years, the benefits of Indian head massage in the digestive system are no longer secret. Even this treatment is now available in many places in the world. Therefore, this massage is well known to some people and it is believed that it can deal with various symptoms or diseases. 

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How to do Indian Head Massage?

The benefits of massage make many people interested in this treatment. Even today some people also learn about the proper way to perform the massage, either for themselves or to help other people. However, the effective ways to perform the massage at home is through the following lists:

  • Prepare the massage oil and make the person feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Start with a shoulder massage and work towards the spine.
  • Continue with a massage on the upper shoulder and then to the base of the skull.
  • Massage the neck area and let the head lean forward. Then move your head back.
  • Massage the head by rubbing the scalp.
  • Rub the scalp with the fingertips.
  • Pet the fingers from the top of the forehead back.
  • Finally, finish with soft taps on the back of the head.

12 Benefits of Indian Head Massage for the Digestive System:

As I mentioned earlier that this massage brings many benefits, especially it has been found that it can help with digestion, below are several lists of benefits of Indian head massage in the digestive system.

1. Improve Bowel Movement:

The nerve of the head that is massaged will actively lead to the intestine to improve bowel movement. Therefore, it can produce a healthier digestive process. In the same way that Bulgarian yogurt benefits health that can also help improve bowel movement in the digestive system.

2. Circulation of Blood Flow:

The massage will be good for a better flow of blood circulation. Therefore, it will prevent the presence of cod in the blood. When this happens, then the blood flow of the digestive system also works very well, which leads to an optimization of the digestive system.

3. Provide Good Digestive Process:

Through better bowel movement, it will lead to a better digestive process. This is the mechanism by which the digester will perform at closing speed. The same mechanism of health benefits of purple peas that provides a more solid and healthy digestion system.

4. Wear the Relaxation:

Doing the head massage can lead to better body relaxation. All the nerve and all stress, including all anxiety, can disappear and be replaced with a better and more positive feeling.

“When the mind becomes better that the body system will follow. Therefore, the digestive will improved”.

5. Improve Hormonal Secretion:

The benefits of Indian head massage in the digestive system including affecting hormonal secretion. This will lead to progress and circulate regulatory digestive hormones to support the digestion process. These are the same health benefits of kale that can also help improve hormone secretion, especially in supporting the digestive system.

6. Increase the Metabolic System:

Performing the massage will also improve the body’s metabolism. It can provide the metabolism of food in the necessary energy. That is why an improved metabolic rate will help provide greater power for daily activities.

7. Avoid Digestive Problems:

The benefit of massage on the digestive system also helps prevent digestive problems. Therefore, it is another way to avoid constipation or digestive difficulties. These are the same health benefits of rainy cherries that also work to avoid any digestive problems.

8. Control Stomach Upset:

Through frequent massage, it works automatically to treat stomach upset. It can reduce gas inside the stomach and manage a better stomach and intestinal condition.

9. Avoid Reflux:

It is also good for controlling any acid inside the stomach. Therefore, it can help avoid gas reflux or heartburn after meals. These are the same health benefits of eating Jerusalem artichokes that will help prevent heartburn and gas reflux as well.

10. Improve Nutrient Absorption:

A better digestive means a better absorption of nutrients. Therefore, it will help the body absorb more vitamins and minerals than are necessary for the health of the body.

11. Avoid Cardiovascular Diseases:

Massage also believes that it will help control the level of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, it will prevent any cardiovascular disease and automatically lead to a healthier digestive system as well.

12. Control the Blood Sugar Level:

Another advantage that includes the management of blood sugar level and the production of normal insulin to help the digestive system work better. Therefore, it will help provide a good digestion rate and a normal digestive process.

Precautions and Recommendations of Indian Head Massage:

Even therapy can help with digestive problems, there are several concerns related to this massage. Therefore, before deciding to perform the massage, it is better to check the following list of suggestions or recommendations. It is recommended to perform the massage with an expert therapist, since the head system contains several important nerves. Doing it with inexperienced people will lead to head nerve injuries and other pain. Even therapy can help control the digestive system, it is not a direct effect but a slower process and it takes weeks or even months to perform it. Therefore, people with digestive pain still need to consult their doctor for any medication. People who experience massage oil allergies should first confirm the therapy to avoid any allergic symptoms such as itching or redness in the skin area. A pregnant woman should avoid this massage since some research finds that there could be a relationship between the nerve and the fetus. Therefore, avoid performing the massage to avoid further miscarriages or negative effects on the development of the fetus. Otherwise, if necessary, you should consult with the caregiver first.

Those are the benefits of Indian head massage in the digestive system. Through a good massage frequently, it will effectively bring a better body system, including metabolism and digestive. Although it would not happen in a sudden time, it is worth doing for several weeks or months. Therefore, the digestive system will always be maintained and work better. Through a better digestive system, it can lead to better nutrient absorption and better well-being every day. Test it!


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